Our service

Our services for manufacturers of health products

Frank & Co is the full-service provider in the Austrian over-the-counter health products business. We market and distribute a portfolio of over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements, medical devices and cosmetics of selected partner companies on an exclusive basis in Austrian pharmacies.

Our services range from sales services, marketing, warehousing, delivery and invoicing to debtor management.

In detail, our service portfolio for the products of our partner companies includes the following components:


Marketing and sales service

  • Sales support for the products in Austrian pharmacies incl. order taking / direct sales
  • Product presentations, training in pharmacies
  • Handling of campaigns and seasonal offers
  • Opinion Leader Contact / Mentoring
  • Presentation of products at congresses and fairs
  • Development and implementation of POS campaigns
  • Development and placement of POS materials, displays and window displays
  • Above the line communication in specialized media (advertisements and PR)
  • Above the line communication in lay media
  • Development and ongoing support of websites
  • Development and implementation of social media campaigns
  • Product development and portfolio management
  • Event organization

Supply chain and logistics services

    • Forecasting and order logistics
    • incoming goods inspections
    • warehousing
    • order processing, picking, shipping
    • invoicing
    • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Reporting

Individual business models

For our partner companies, we create individual service packages consisting of these components, which can range from pure sales support in the pharmacy segment to a full-service offering.

With our experienced sales team, we serve and visit more than 800 pharmacies on a seven-week cycle, thus ensuring the continued presence of our products in the majority of the Austrian pharmacies.