How we support your business with over-the-counter-products

Pharmacies sales

We distribute a comprehensive portfolio of over-the-counter products in Austrian pharmacies.

Healthcare marketing

We develop marketing strategies and concepts and implement them for our partners.

Pharma logistics

As part of our distribution partnerships, we also handle the entire logistics from order acceptance to delivery to invoicing.

Our partners

Our products

  • Antibiophylus products bring the intestinal flora into balance We offer hard capsules and powder (pouches) for oral use.  
  • Anulind relieves.cleans.cares. Anulind against hemorrhoids is available as a cream, cleanser and cleaning wipes  
  • biovital classic Energie Elixir The dietary supplement is enriched with valuable nutrients such as vitamins B6 and C, iron, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. Elixir with vitamins, […]
  • Leaf green against unpleasant mouth and body odors Chlorophyll dragees are gentle yet effective against stubborn mouth and body odor and prevent bad smells even before […]
  • Clarityn allergy tablets CLARITYN 10MG Tablets are used for the symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis and chronic idiopathic urticaria in adults and children from 6 years […]
  • Produkte zur Nagelpflege   The Dikla portfolio includes all products for an ideal nail care routine: – protect – daily care – deep care […]
  • What is easyangin and what is it used for? easyangin is an over-the-counter medicine. easyangin are lozenges for topical application in the mouth and throat area. […]
  • easybronchial against cough easybronchial comes in 4 different formulations: easybronchial Thymian Sirup: in case of productive cough, for adults and children from 4 years easybronchial STOP […]
  • Finally an ACC from easypharm New: easymuc is the acetylcysteine ​​from easypharm. easymuc is used for the liquefaction of viscous secretions in diseases of the upper […]
  • Finally, with easynasan, breathe freely again! Because easynasan has a decongestant, seawater cleanses the nose, Hyaluronic acid nourishes and regenerates the mucous membrane.  
  • Finally relaxed again! With easyrelax you pit yourself to stress. Because easyrelax helps with nervous restlessness and stress and contributes to serenity and balance. […]
  • Finally sleep well again! to shorten the sleep time and for a peaceful and relaxed sleep    
  • ERALYSIN is an innovative product for the dietary treatment of cold sores. for longer-term treatment in acute fever boost    
  • ERAPROTECT is a protective pen against fever blisters. It protects against fever blisters (herpes labialis), which are triggered by solar radiation.    
  • ERAZABAN is a new way to treat fever blisters. ERAZABAN is used at the first sign of a fever blister. shortens the healing time Relieves the […]
  • For a healthy intestinal flora FLOREA regenerans – capsules for the dietary treatment of functional intestinal complaints such as diarrhea and flatulence FLOREA FOS active, bag […]
  • Fullaverde® mosquito spray is effective against mosquitos, ticks, horse flies, wasps and flies. reliably protects up to 6 hours High-quality active ingredient – obtained from the […]
  • GYNOPHILUS Medical Device & Cosmetic Lactobacilli, lactic acid, aloe and witch hazel for a healthy vaginal flora
  • LACTAMOUSSE Medical Device & Cosmetic Lactobacilli, lactic acid, aloe and witch hazel for a healthy vaginal flora
  • Locobase Repair special cream for dry and very dry skin with immediate and long-term effects.    
  • 3 new innovative S.Calon sprays In addition to the proven S.Calon shampoo, there are also 3 new innovative S.Calon sprays available: – S. Calon AKUTSPRAY: reliably […]
  • Sanohra ear plugs for the protection of hearing Our product range: SANOHRA fly ear plug SANOHRA swim ear plug SANOHRA music ear plugear plug SANOHRA max […]
  • Pure silica in dynamized water Silicon is an important trace element that is involved in many vital processes and must be available on a daily basis. […]
  • Stitch EX: The patch for insect bites The patented sugar membrane of Stich EX removes toxins from the skin (osmosis) after wasp or bee stings. This […]
  • The moisteningSOLUTION for eyes Our portfolio includes: VISMED VISMED Multi ( x 2) VISMED Gel VISMED light    
  • Wellion ZIMT Plus Cinnamon extract & ginseng Wellion ZIMT Plus capsules contain cinnamon extract, ginseng extract, chrome & zinc. Chromium helps to maintain a normal blood […]

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28. December 2018

easymuc: finally an ACC from easypharm

New: easymuc is the acetylcysteine ​​from easypharm. easymuc contributes to the liquefaction of viscous secretions Diseases of the upper and lower airways used. easymuc is sugar-free […]
28. December 2018

Anulind: Forget about hemorrhoids!

NEW: Anulind relieves. cleans. cares Anulind is available as a cream, cleanser and cleaning & care wipes Learn more:


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